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Part of enabling families is ensuring they have access to what many families consider their foundation – housing. As giant hedge funds continue their sweep of single family homes with all cash offers, many in the Florida and Federal political realm believes this issue can be solved by expanding building permits. 

However, what we have seen on the ground is 1:3 single family homes being built are immediately bought by investor groups with all cash offers that prevents Florida families and residents from remaining competitive in the bid space. 

The path to solving this problem is by enacting state level legislation that prevents major funds, hedge funds, investment groups, and foreign investors from treating Florida like an investment playground. Enacting legislation that prevents these groups from obtaining overconcentrated amounts of real property in Florida’s housing areas will limit their influence in creating a generation of renters. 

Federal Congress seems to have zero interest in accomplishing this goal and it will be up to the states to protect their residents. 


Continuing with the theme of enabling families with housing, we must look at insurance rates.

We have seen a pattern of the same investment groups pushing Florida families out of the housing market also acquiring vast amounts of common stock from the insurance providers. These activist investment positions allows these groups to influence our providers into making life difficult for residents. Ultimately disrupting affordability and on path with the aim of permanent renters. 

Florida legislators pulled a few fast ones over on Florida residents and pretended to pass bills to address the problem – such as HB 837. What they do not want you know is that this bill only makes it harder for YOU to acquire an attorney to fight for your personal insurance rights. It does little to address the lawsuit churning giants like Morgan & Morgan who are bleeding our providers dry.

No one likes paying insurance but it is necessary. I’d prefer a cheaper rate.

Passing legislation that actual tackles the legal-behemoth groups rather than average people would have the biggest impact on lowering rates. 

Foreign Investment

In line with protecting Florida land and opportunity for the families calling Florida home, we must pass legislation that limits foreign investment groups from targeting Florida land, property, and farms. 


Many liberal feel good policies have disrupted the most cost effective solutions for Florida residents. The push for green energy looks great on paper but does little to prevent catastrophic fallout from plastics, unused solar panels, and many other green-initiative’s that seldom look into the far future. 

We need to ensure the most cost effective and stable energy policies are being provided across Florida.